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Informative and helpful tips and tricks for a blogger to write a blog post

Informative and helpful tips and tricks for a blogger to write a blog post

You must remember that you are writing the blog post for the readers of your blog not for SEO or marketing purpose. When you will write a post for a blog hope the following tips and tricks will help you to write a eventful blog post.
  • Select the proper title
Your title should accomplish this at intervals many seconds and makes your readers happy to browse your blog or website.
  • Start with a good introduction
Try to start or write your blog post with a good introduction that will help your reader to read the full post.
  • Short and informative articles
Short and informative articles help your readers to know about the facts that you want to deliver in your post.
  • Try to use picture to introduce your content  
Pictures create your post enticing, respectable and help you to save times of your audience.
  • Include Image angular position tags
So your reader will perceive image relevancy and affiliation in your blog post.

  • Don’t use too many links
Don’t use too many links that will distract your readers to leave your website.
  • Concentrate on  the main terms of the content
Your audience will see that you’ve done your analysis, which you recognize what you’re talking regarding.
  • Provide real information
Readers don’t seem to be curious about what you write for them until you will provide good hints that will help your readers to come back your blog again and again. R
  • Use keyword’s according to the rules
Don’t use excessive keywords in your blog post which will make your readers bored to read your post. So, always maintain the rules when you are using keywords in your blog post.

  • Don’t use irrelevant images
Don’t use irrelevant images here and there in your blog post which will make your important post turn into a irrelevant post to your blog readers.

  • Don’t use aggressive words or opinions 
Don’t use aggressive words or opinions which relates to any religion that will hurt your readers  to leave your website.
  • Be polite and informative to narrate your story
Be polite and informative to narrate your blog post where your readers understand that what you want to discuss in your content as well as every sentences and paragraphs.
  • Use your illustrations, views, thoughts
Use your views and thoughts in your writing that your help your reader to read your post thoroughly from beginning to end as well as force them to give their comments about your post.
  • Check the grammatical error and spelling mistake 
Don’t forget to check the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes before publishing your blog post.

  • Don’t use long paragraph and sentences:
Readers always like to read simple sentences as well as paragraph. So, don’t use long paragraph and sentences which will makes your readers getting bored to read your blog postthus you can lose your audience.
  • Be alert to use outbound links
When you will use outbound links be sure that it will help your readers because if you use any irrelevant outbound links in your blog then you will lose your real readers of your blog. So be careful to use outbound links in your post.
  • Use simple layout
Always try to use your writing layout simple and sharp which will help your reader to read your post from beginning to end. If you will use disturbing layout in your writing then your readers don’t read your post.
  • Use user friendly font 
Always try to use user friendly font in your writing style. Don’t use unofficial font in your writing. Try to make your font size normal i.e. 12.
  • Use simple background
Always try to use black color fonts and use white background in your post. Your post won’t get too much visitors if your background makes your reader bored to read your blog post/
  • Try to use simple words
Don’t use bombastic words in your blog post. Always try to use simple sentence as well as present tense and conditional sentences if needs. Because, most of your blog readers don’t know the meaning of hard words if they are from schools, asian country etc. It also, it is not mandatory that the readers of your blog will maintain dictionary to know about the bombastic words of your post.
  • Number and bullet list make your content user friendly 
Number and bullet lists make your content user friendly where the reader will realize easily what you want to deliver in your post.
  • Use picture in the left-side or center  of your content 
Always try to use your picture in the left side or center in your blog post. Don’t use picture in the right side or at the end of your content.
  • Use proper space and punctuation
Use proper spaces and punctuations in your blog post which will help your readers to relieve their eyes to move here and there in your whole blog post. Use proper space between your post’s paragraph, sentences and images.
  • Use social media share buttons
Don’t forget to use social media buttons in your blog post. For this you can use social media buttons below your post or top of your home page. There is no need to know the coding to use the social media buttons. there are lots of third party applications which will help you to use social media buttons thus you will need to get the code from them like, addthis, sharethis etc.
  • Try to write niche related post
Your readers don’t come back to your website to understand regarding another business or irrelevant-niche, unless you’ll be able to understand them that it relates your blog post as well as website.

  • Provide helpful and informative information
Always try to provide helpful and informative information which is  relevant to their daily life, like tips and tricks, physical exercise tips, seo tips for the new comers, video tutorial, infographic etc.

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