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Advantage and Disadvantage of- Avast / AVG / Norton / Kaspersky

Advantage and Disadvantage of- Avast / AVG / Norton / Kaspersky


With many anti-virus code programs out there. however will someone tell that one is that the best to use? protective a private laptop or laptop computer from viruses and alternative kinds of spy and malware is significant.
Buy Avast anti virus

 Computers carry giant parts of a human personal info. protective a tool from a plague with quality code will be the distinction between keeping that info safe or exploit it open for scammers and hackers to steal. Avast Anti-virus code encompasses a free downloadable version for home use. It protects PCs and laptops from a spread of viruses and malicious code that several home users square measure exposed to. They conjointly supply code with a broader vary of capabilities for workplace and alternative skilled uses. Their costs square measure cheap and licenses will be purchased for one or additional years. The longer quantity of your time you buy, the less the price p.a..

Avast code provides a “SafeZone” program that filters and screens info. This offers security once activity on-line banking and creating purchases on-line. It protects vital|important} info and provides programs that safeguards all sorts of important information. Avast conjointly encompasses a “Sandbox” feature that detects malicious or suspicious programs during a protected space. This space known as the “sandbox” contains any viruses and disposes of them in order that they cannot infiltrate and damage alternative areas of the pc.
Avast encompasses a WebRep that acts as associate degree indicator of a program’s safety. This interactive program link scans and secures every file and offers a security rating that’s color coded for straightforward identification. This little tool indicates the amount of safety of a selected web site throughout the search method. The Avast computer program conjointly offers a security contrivance that seems whenever the program updates. This informs the user of the amount of protection they’re receiving.
User reviews of Avast claim that the program is straightforward to put in and use. directions square measure simply understood and self informative. If a haul happens, associate degree email system puts you in reality with a service technical school WHO can walk the user through every step of the method to correct the matter. Avast conjointly gets glorious reviews for its big selection of options. With every upgrade the quantity of options and easy functions will increase. Avast is one in every of the foremost economical and price effective anti-virus code programs on the market. They rank high altogether aspects of the review method and work well with all Windows in operation Systems.
AVG Antivirus excess are as follows :Buy AVG anti-Virus

  • AVG Installation is quite easy
  • Auto update over online ( Schedule Update
  • AVG can be installed on the Mozilla Firefox browser as a plugin so it is safer surfing
  • Virus scanning is faster
  • Memory used on the PC is not too much
  • Resident option does not slow down computer performance
  • Future have Anti-Spyware, Link-Scanner, Email Scanner
  • Anti Spam

AVG Antivirus deficiencies are as follows :

  • To AVG latest version is the first installation is quite long
  • Setting operation is rather complicated
  • file that the virus was removed by usual along with the AVG Virus
  • AVG usually rely on computer operating systems used
  • AVG sometimes assume .exe file as a virus, especially in crack
  • Update antivirus longer


Buy Norton Anti-Virus

The advantage is that Norton has been around since the primary versions of Windows, so that they realize virus’s thus they need an extended time tested method of police investigation a brand new virus, making the code to wash it off and making the code for immunity from reinfection, followed by a quick update of the many scores of computers and servers round the world. Most of all Norton’s Heuristic engine is surprisingly sensible. It’s this engine that discovers til now unknown virus’s on your system, code acting maliciously or having the potential to place you in danger. this is often not continuously a virulent disease. Generally it’s police investigation code bugs that may have place you in danger.
The down facet of Norton is it’s size, it takes up plenty of laptop resources to try and do it’s job. If you have got had Norton on a computer for many years then for what ever reason take away it. You suddenly notice that your computer runs considerably quicker while not Norton.
You would possibly be tempted to assume that this loss of computer power is worthwhile. However you merely assume that till you are attempting one amongst the others and notice that they are doing nearly as good employment however don’t interfere the maximum amount with the running of the computer.


Buy Kaspersky anti-virusAdvantages : The most benefits of Kaspersky Anti-Virus area unit its exceptional level of virus detection and high-speed scanning, simply distinctive it from its competitors and garnering ending, supply a high level of virus detection and deletion, permitting every user to settle on his/her acceptable anti-virus defence. Another benefits of victimization Kaspersky computer program is the update continuously up-to-date, it’s user friendly interface and sensible graphical read, proactive defense part is that the main advantage of this program created to research the behavior of put in program, to watch changes within the system written record, trailing macros, and stop from the hidden threats. Kaspersky not solely defend your pc from viruses, however additionally from the network, like stop ad-ware  spywares, and stop viruses spreading from e-mail attachments and then on.
Disadvantages: All programs have their disadvantages in conjunction with the positive points, therefore additionally the kaspersky, putting in the antivirus on the system reduces the speed of the system. Further, users of this opposed-virus say that the firewall compatibility and also the anti spam elements of this program has to be improved although the antivirus is that the best once it involves virus detection, users say that this antivirus lacks in its ability to dam unwanted content from websites and this feature has to be else to confirm management over sites being accessed from a system.

Honestly, I am using Avast for more than 4 years and it is very powerful. I highly recommend you to use it. It is the best Anti-virus software.


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  1. I like Avast for my compute. It’s very good. But some time’s it does not word against some computer virus. Thanks……….
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